Energetic Healing Sessions
Cleaning, Centering and Evolution
Soul Healing

Guérison de l'Âme

Check-up : full reading of your energetic state by clear-sight
Decoding : decoding blockages and understanding how they are linked to inner conflicts → ask your questions
Correction : cleaning, purification, clearing, re-balancing and re-harmonisation
Going further : life path, connections and guidance for the next steps...

Main goals : being centered, here and now, on your life path

Scheduling an appointment :


on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays
326 av. Rhin-et-Danube 06140 Vence - l'Estoril bat B 3rd floor – entrance at the back of the building
Bus : 5 min walking distance from Vence main bus station - BUS 9, 400, 47 and 510 | Car-park : Parking de la rousse and Parking Marc Chagall

You can find my office at 326 Avenue Rhin et Danube, Vence L'ESTORIL B entrance 3rd floor (there is a lift) in the "Espace Bien-Être" place.
Entrance B is located at the back of the building.
Push the glass-door, no code needed.
On the third floor, just out the lift, you will find a door on your right.
My name is not on the building entrance but you will find it on the office door.
A waiting roo is at your disposal.

As for parking, it is very simple :
Parking de la Rousse just in front the office. 1 hour parking costs 0.20 euros.
Marc Chagall parking 100m from the office, 2h free parking ticket, enter your plate number in the carpark machine.


on fridays
3 rue Parmentier 06100 Nice - Cabinet d'Infirmerie
Tram : Valrose Université or Borriglione | Nearest car-park : Parking Saint Lambert | Or you can park outside Nice and take the tram : Parcazur

The office is located at cabinet d'Infirmier - 3 Rue Parmentier, 06100 Nice
There is no waiting room. Please, try to arrive on time and wait for me outside. Thank you. :-)

As for parking you car, you can try in the neighborhood or in Parking Saint Lambert


by phone with photo
Remote healing session with or without interaction during which I work the same way as in live sessions.

2 possibilities :

  • you wish to be healed live over the phone (~1h)
  • you wish to have a deferred session (no interaction during the healing session), you will be debriefed later over the phone
I need :

Scheduling delay : about a month
Healing session duration : 50min ~ 1h
Price : 80 euros