The Geobiology is the study and the manipulation of the telluric and cosmo-telluric energies. Knowledge used since the very begginning of the human kind, the Humanity has always knew how to be in harmony with Mother Earth and her Energies. All sacred sites of all ages are the concret proof. The Geobiology is first of all link to the sacred, to the connection of the Human to his mother the Earth.

Nowaday, the Geobiology is used as medecin for heal places. In pratices, the geobiology do highlight any harmful things affecting human. Such as: telluric (earth's energies), technologic (electromagnetic pollution,...), paranormal.

A geobiologic evaluation aims at detecting, comprehending and correcting/cancelling/diminishing any nuisance which can have an impact on the different bodies we are made of (physical, ethereal, astral, etc...). It is essential that the body is free from any stress during the night so that it can regenerate normally.

Our living place is a part of ourselves, it reflects the deep issues and conflicts of its inhabitants. By proceeding to energetically reading a place, the geobiologic evaluation climbs back up to the personal issues of its inhabitants. By treating the place and its inhabitants, the geobiologist gives an opportunity to go further into a personal healing process.