Geobiology Expertise - Detail of the Services


Our expertise include detection and correction of all energie disturbances, covering all the following fields:

The main objectives:

⇨ that there is no more energy degradation once the work is done!
being centered within the place by rebalancing etheric, astral and mental plans
decoding the energy of the place and correlate it

Correction: All corrections will be done by geobiology operative (geobiology in action - manipulation of all cosmo-telluric phenomena and of the telluric lines). Cleaning and purification of everything that is the cause of an energy degradation.
Removing of imbalances within etheric, astral and mental plans of the place and the people.
Regarding electrosmog, in addition to fixing done during the expertise, I may advice you to buy an energetic object called "orgonite" made with shungite ("Orgo-Shungite"), see
Regarding radioactivity, I may advice you to buy KiBiDango.

Decoding the energy of the place: Our places are the perfect theater for us to evolve. By decrypting the energy of the place, we will put it into correlation with your own inner issues.

Energetic cleaning: All expertise include an energetic clean-up of the people and animal, whenever it is necessary.

Bioenergetic measures: Measures expressed in %, giving information about the energy of the place and the effect of the energy disturbance on energy bodies (done before and after all modification).

Base of my practice: Geobiology bioenergetic, psychic abilities, guardian spirit of the place, manipulation of all phenomena,...

Sur Place

On site studies are the best option if you need a minute and thorough work on the location. I generally work with one or more apprentices.
We usually need half a day for a complete study, depending on the size of the location.
Everything is made on site during the study.
For studies focused on electromagnetic measures, I will direct you at another geobiologist. If you want to install protections against electromagnetic pollution, I can direct you at a specialised electrician whom I trained.

I cover these areas : Nice, Antibes, Grasse, Vence, Cannes, Mandelieu, Cagnes-sur-mer, Menton, Nice and Grasse inland, the whole Alpes-Maritimes (06) and Monaco.
I also cover the western Var up to : Fréjus, Saint-Raphael, Montauroux, Callian, etc. for important studies only.
Des frais supplémentaires peuvent être appliqués pour Monaco et le Var.

Prise de RDV : les rendez-vous ses passent en générale les jeudis matins ou certains vendredis.
Le délai d'attente est d'au moins un mois.
Je ne propose plus de rapport écrit.


Apartment garage and cellar included :
Please note : if there is a paranormal issue to solve, the rate will be 350 euros even for small apartments and studios.


Houses with or without garage, garden and dependencies :

Plot of land

The study includes the drawing of the whole Nikel/Hartmann networks where the house is to be built (lines of each level) and the drawing of the large telluric lines on the whole plot of land (level 3+ lines), on the map you provided (please, provide me 2 copies of the geometrical map on a 1/500 scale).

Before purchasing a real estate

1 to 2h - 200 euros

Before taking a decision on buying a real estate, it is important to check for problematic points which are difficult to change and that could be a nuisance for you.
For instance : electromagnetic pollution of the surroundings, general atmosphere of the neighbourhood, geological phenomena, etc.

Companies / Businesses / Farms

Rates on quote

Professionals : in addition to what is done during a geobiological study (see above), it can be interesting for professionals to install a special energy on the location to fulfill your needs.
For instance : installation of cosmo-telluric phenomena in resonance with your activity ( → special cosmo-telluric chimney specific for healing, etc.)

Farmers : there are many options and each can fit all agricultural domains depending on your needs.
It is important to know that animals are much more sensitive than humans to all the nuisance a location can present (from electrosmog to underground currents, etc.).

Remote geobiological studies

Remote studies are more flexible and easier to schedule.
The goal is the same and every problematic is studied (except for radioactivity and electromagnectic pollution) : geology, tellurism, purification, paranormal, etc.

We will discuss the main problems, their signification and outcome over the phone. If you need a detailed written report, please ask for it when we schedule the appointment (the report will include all the details on several pages and be sent to you in PDF).

L'essentiel : un coup de propre

Un petit prix pour l'essentiel et rendre le lieu vivable, autant que possible
Nettoyage, purification du lieu dans son ensemble, sans rentrer dans les détails, ni décodage...

Expertise Complète

Des expertises plus soignées avec beaucoup plus de profondeur dans les détails du travail effectué, globalement et dans chaques pièces.
Elles comprennent un debriefing au téléphone durant lequel les problématiques principales vous seront exposées, leur décodage et leur dénouements expliqués.
Je ne fait plus de rapport écrit.

Eléments nécéssaires

In order to realise the study, I will need these pieces :
Pour les expertises complètes seulement rajoutez :
Tout cela devra être envoyé via un service de transfert de gros fichiers (par exemple : / / wetransfert)