Dolem de Funtanaccia - Periode Neolitique - Corse du Sud
more than 10 years of professional experience!
▹ unrivalled expertise
▹ thousands of locations and people treated

Are you building a house? Buying a home?
Can't sell your house?
Having trouble sleeping? Do you wake up tired?
Do you feel unwell at home?
Do you have a paranormal problem?
Do you need clarity in your energy?
Would you like to move forward on your life path?

Healing &
Professional geobiologic expertises in the south-east of France : Nice, Grasse, Cannes, Antibes, Vence areas, Alpes-maritimes, PACA region and Monaco...

▹ Any electromagnetic pollution
▹ Tellurism and Geology
▹ Purification of places and people
▹ Paranormal
▹ Creation of energetic places
▹ Agriculture
▹ Bioenergetic Geobiology
▹ Healing in Vence or remotely